OpenRelay Pools

## Introduction * Launching Soon ™ * Allows for bespoke SRA endpoints on OpenRelay * Several parameters can be managed independently by pool * Examples: * **default** pool * **someguy** pool * **greenlist** pool
## Parameters * Fees * Ingest Criteria * Search Criteria * Order Count * Expiration
## Fees * Each pool can have its own defined fee structure * Defined as a percentage of OpenRelay's base fee * Still flat fees * Still flexible maker fee vs taker fee
## Ingest Criteria * Contract can restrict orders allowed on order book ``` OrderBookFilter(bytes32 poolid, LibOrder.Order order) returns (bool) ``` * Examples * User Whitelist * Token Whitelist * Fee Structures * Percentage Fees * Fixed maker / taker ratios
## Search Criteria * Pools can have search parameters that span the entire OpenRelay orderbook * Specified in terms of the search string for the /v2/orders endpoint * `_poolName=someguy` — Only show orders ingested through the **someguy** pool * `_takerFee=0` — Show any orders where the `takerFee` is 0
## Order Count * OpenRelay administrators can restrict the number of open orders in a pool * If a pool is full, no more orders are accepted, but old orders are still there. * As orders are expired and filled, new orders can be submitted
## Expiration * Pools can have an expiration date * If a pool is expired valid orders are still served, but new orders are not accepted.
## Initial Release * **`default`** pool — The OpenRelay you know and love * **`feefree`** pool — Only orders with no taker fee * **Partnership opportunities** — If you have a use case for your own pool, we can set one up
## Soon * **`greenlist`** pool — Only orders for tokens that have been thoroughly vetted by OpenRelay * Self-service pools
## Self-Service Pools * Still In Flux * Managed using ERC721 tokens * OpenRelay will sell Pool Tokens with limited configuration options

Possible Examples

CostUsersOrder CountExp.FeesNotes
FreeNonex1Custom Search Parameters
Medium1000Monthlyx0No fees for one token
HighMonthlyx0Unlimited trading
# Next Time * Two weeks... * DevOps Processes